Everyone feels bad when they miss a cleaning appointment. But don’t dread calling us back and getting scheduled because you can’t maintain your oral health if you miss cleanings! Preventive maintenance is the absolute best way to keep yourself healthy!

A few helpful ways to stay on schedule:

  1. Make your next cleaning appointment before you leave our office! We can pick a date and time that is best suited for you! (And don’t worry because we do call to confirm it the day before and we can also send you text or email reminders about the appointment!)
  2. If you don’t like to schedule so far in advance, fill out a postcard before you leave and we will mail it to you 1 month before you are due! You can call to schedule when you receive it!
  3. Just call! We are always here to help, so give us a ring and we can get you back on schedule! 803-731-9556
  4. Send us an email! Let us know some times that work for you and we will get you an appointment right away! Click HERE to schedule an appointment or email us at .

Cutting corners on your health never pays off!


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The HEART of the Matter

What does my dental health have to do with my heart?


Healthy gums make for a healthier heart! If you have gum disease then a protein is released into your blood that increases plaque formation in your blood vessels. This can increase your risk for heart attack and stroke!

Warning Signs

Gum disease affects 80% of American adults and often the condition goes undiagnosed. Warning signs that you may have gum disease include:

  • Red, tender or swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums while brushing or flossing
  • Gums that seem to be pulling away from your teeth
  • Chronic bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth
  • Teeth that are loose or separating from each other

Proactive prevention

While regular dental exams and cleanings are necessary to remove bacteria, plaque and tartar and detect early signs of gum disease, you can play a major role in preventing gum disease every day. The best way to be proactive in maintaining your oral and overall health is scheduling regular dental checkups, getting professional cleanings and regular brushing and flossing. Taking steps to stop gum disease at the source is the best way to keep your smile beautiful at any age. Call our office today to schedule your cleaning and check up!

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You only clean 2/3 of your teeth??

No one wants to talk about flossing. As a matter of fact, this will most likely be our least read blog! But did you realize that if you don’t floss you are missing 1/3 of your teeth and leaving plaque and bacteria there to  do damage and cause cavities to begin!

77b85a3b3beeddc695afec336723d6a2There are 4 steps to proper flossing and you can use any kind of floss (waxed, unwaxed, spongy floss, dental tape, etc.):

  1. Wind: Wind 18 inches of floss around middle fingers of each hand. Pinch floss between thumbs and index fingers, leaving a one- to two-inch length in between. Use thumbs to direct floss between upper teeth.
  2. Guide: Keep a one- to two-inch length of floss taut between fingers. Use index fingers to guide floss between contacts of the lower teeth.
  3. Glide: Gently guide floss between the teeth by using a zig-zag motion. DO NOT SNAP FLOSS BETWEEN YOUR TEETH. Contour floss around the side of the tooth.
  4. Slide: Slide floss up and down against the tooth surface and under the gum line. Floss each tooth thoroughly with a clean section of floss.

There is also a device similar to an electric tooth brush that can help you floss! It’s called an AirFlosser! AirFloss is a new device developed by Philips Sonicare to remove plaque biofilm from between the teeth. It uses a rapid burst of air and water droplets to disrupt the biofilm from between the teeth. Using an AirFloss only takes about 60 seconds!

So which is better, regular flossing or AirFloss? Good question. Most likely the real answer will be that both are effective tools for interproximal cleaning…all you have to do is use the one you like better!

AirFloss isAir FLosser available at the office for $79.99. Click on the photo for more information!

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Do You Have A Dental Retirement Plan?


For retirement to be fulfilling, it takes planning! And you can’t forget about your pearly whites! Not many people are planning for their dental care when they are planning for retirement, but we assure you that you don’t want to go into retirement without them!

The BEST retirement dental strategy is to get the longest lasting dentistry before you retire!

Most employers today don’t continue dental benefits after retirement, and most people don’t plan ahead for the treatment they will need to keep their teeth in optimal health for their lifetime!

Dental benefits haven’t changed much from the usual and customary $1,000 per year that was set back in the 1960’s, so most people will need to plan 5-8 years in advance of retirement. You will also want to get your treatment done in ways that are the absolute best for your health and the longest lasting possible so that when you are retired, your teeth are in the best possible state that they can be!


Dr. DuPuis can help you during this time of planning by being proactive on any treatment you may need and also making sure we get your cleanings and exams scheduled before you lose your insurance benefits. Dental problems can be silent and are always progressive so catching them early is always to your benefit.

Let Dr. DuPuis know about all your concerns so that he can help you make retirement even more fun and healthy for you!

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Pin Hole Surgery

Pinhole Surgery Technique (PST) is a  gentle, noninvasive form of surgery to make your gums less likely to recede further and to cover as much of the exposed root of your tooth as possible. It requires no tissue from the roof of your mouth like previous surgeries called grafting. It is done through small pinholes so there are no incisions and almost never requires sutures.  Since there is no incision, the side effects of discomfort, swelling and bleeding are kept to a minimum.  The procedure is done with only local anesthesia and takes anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half depending on how many areas are treated. The result is immediate! These are our actual patient’s photos:
Before Pinhole Surgery
Immediatly After Pinhole Surgery
 This video will show you how gum surgery used to be done and how much easier PST makes this procedure:

What are the benefits of this innovative way to treat gum recession for our patients?

  • No Incisions No need to cut and graft tissue
  • No Sutures Tissues held in place with collagen rather than sutures
  • Minimal Side Effects Since there is no incision, patients will experience little to no discomfort, swelling, and bleeding during and after the procedure.
  • Instant Results The PST procedure appointment is much shorter than the traditional gum surgery and because of minimal side effects, most patients return to work the very next day.
  • Cosmetic Results – PST procedures give an instantly noticeable cosmetic result. The small entry opening is barely noticeable and is usually healed within days.

Call us today if you need to hear more about this amazing procedure!

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X-rays don’t cost you, they save you!


X-rays save you money!

When you take your x-rays on time, Dr. DuPuis is able to locate small areas of decay between your teeth, even when they are just beginning! At this stage they are silent and painless to you! Being able to fix these areas with fillings instead of root canals, crowns and implants can save you thousands of dollars. One missed bad cavity could cost more than the price of your x-rays over your lifetime!

Dr. DuPuis’ office uses an advanced digital x-ray machine which reduces your exposure to radiation by 80%!

It costs you way more NOT to have your x-rays taken!

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