For retirement to be fulfilling, it takes planning! And you can’t forget about your pearly whites! Not many people are planning for their dental care when they are planning for retirement, but we assure you that you don’t want to go into retirement without them!

The BEST retirement dental strategy is to get the longest lasting dentistry before you retire!

Most employers today don’t continue dental benefits after retirement, and most people don’t plan ahead for the treatment they will need to keep their teeth in optimal health for their lifetime!

Dental benefits haven’t changed much from the usual and customary $1,000 per year that was set back in the 1960’s, so most people will need to plan 5-8 years in advance of retirement. You will also want to get your treatment done in ways that are the absolute best for your health and the longest lasting possible so that when you are retired, your teeth are in the best possible state that they can be!


Dr. DuPuis can help you during this time of planning by being proactive on any treatment you may need and also making sure we get your cleanings and exams scheduled before you lose your insurance benefits. Dental problems can be silent and are always progressive so catching them early is always to your benefit.

Let Dr. DuPuis know about all your concerns so that he can help you make retirement even more fun and healthy for you!

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