f03044f5786c3938f6e3066639a2755dDo you have that ┬ásmall piece of your smile that you ┬ádon’t like? Is there a place you always see when you look in the mirror where your teeth are just a little crooked? You’re probably thinking, “Well, it’s small…I can just ignore it!” or “I’m too old to go into braces!” But did you know that Dr. DuPuis can straighten your smile for you? Dr. DuPuis offers Invisalign which is an easy alternative to braces!

ap3This modern approach to braces uses no wires and clear aligners that slide over your teeth! It’s easy and most of the time, no one even knows you are wearing the retainers! Come by for a consult with Dr. DuPuis to discuss how we can get you on your way to your radiant smile, just the way you want it!